My goal in creating this blog is share the rich, but undertranslated, body of Persian literature with interested English speakers. This blog assumes no prior knowledge about the field, and covers approx. the 10th century to the present day, including authentic texts in Persian from any geographic location, but mainly those from modern-day Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

I aim to provide three main types of posts on this blog: 1) My own, original working translations from Persian into English of some of my favorite untranslated works of both Modern and Classical Persian Literature. Turns out it takes a really long time to translate things, but being a PhD student, I sometimes get a lot done for procrastination’s sake. I shoot for at least one original translation post per month.  I also post 2) Published translations from Persian that others have done (always properly credited) and 3) Reviews of recently published translations from Persian. On occasion I reblog important news in the field (publications, awards, etc.).

My own work is on Classical Persian literature, particularly on Islamic Mysticism. Hope you enjoy the blog!



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