Just Another Brick

Though Pink Floyd’s The Wall was decades away when she wrote, Iran’s pop-star poet, Forough, uses the classic symbol of the wall to take a critical look at gender roles of Iran of the 1950’s once again. From her eponymous second collection, published in 1956. For more info see my first post on Forough: https://persianissugar.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/a-persian-plath/

The Wall

In the fleeting passage of cold moments

Your wild eyes

Build a wall around me

With their silence

I flee from you on roadless roads


Until I see the valleys in moon’s dust

Until I wash my body in pools of light

Fill my skirt with desert hyacinths

In the colorful fog of a warm summer morning

and listen to the roosters’ calls atop the villager’s hut


I flee from you

To press my legs hard against the grasses

Or to drink the meadow’s cold dew

Within desert folds


I flee from you

To see

From craggy peaks lost in clouds of darkness

Faraway seastorms dance

On a deserted beach


Sun setting in the distance

I take valleys, mountains, skies

under my wing

like wild doves

I hear happy melodies of desert birds

among dried-out bushes


I flee from you

So I can open

Far from you

The way to the city of hopes

And within the city

Undo the heavy lock to the gold castle of dreams


But your eyes with their silent cries

Spin a web with those paths before me

Just as they build a wall around me

In their secret’s darkness


Finally one day

I flee from doubt’s deceitful gaze

I ooze out like perfume from the colorful rose of dreams

I glide on waves of night breeze tresses

Until I reach sun’s shore

A sleeping world in eternal tranquility


I slide softly into a bed of golden clouds

Hands of light sprinkle for the joyous sky

Designs of many intentions


I am merry and free there

I stare into a world

Whose paths your deceitful eyes

Spin into a web before me

I stare into a world

That your deceitful eyes

Surround with a wall

Just like the darkness of your secret


Translation by: Michelle Quay 



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